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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Best Tips In Finding The Best Key To Sing In

Most singers are not aware of what key they sing in and this brings about complaints from songwriters, other singers, and musicians.
To learn your key you must look for your vocal scale. This is best accomplished with the help of a musical instrument.How to improve singing

*Play/sing middle C (a piano is recommended because middle C is the 3rd or 4th octave on the keyboard. A standard piano has 5th octave middle C).

*Play/sing every note down the range and drop where you start to feel not comfortable. This is the bottom of your range. Make a note of this.

*Play/sing up the scale until you begin to feel uncomfortable. This is the top of your range. Make note of this.

*Count the octaves from the base of your range to the top of your scale. (An octave equals seven notes). The particular octaves you count is your total voice scale.

*Next, you will perform the above exercise again. Run the notes in your scale up and down to find the octave that is most comfortable.

Now let's look at finding the key in a song.

*It takes exercise to find the right key in a song. Although the first note of the song is occasionally the key for the singer it can also be within the song.

*Practice singing a recorded song with an artist. If you are comfortable the song it is the right key for you. You are singing in a similar key as the singer on the recording.

*simply because you feel comfortable does not mean you are not able to take chances.

*Some singers choose to record the song in one key but sing live in a lower key.

Every singer has their own personal vocal ability or style that fit specific genres. This can include pop, country, classical, opera, and other fields. As a word of warning - don't rush to cap yourself to one particular category.

Every category has its favorite keys but a singer with a fantastic vocal range can cut across classifications and sing in many different genres.

Here is a list of the main categorizations and their keys:

*Soprano - High female: G3 to F6/high C

*Alto - Low female: C3 to C6/A6

*Tenor - High male: C - one octave down from middle C to High C/D

*Bass - Low male: low E to E/F a step up from mid C