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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How to Make Love and Trust with Women?

         You know, regardless of how important
our personal relationships with women are, most of us men
are entirely clueless in terms of one thing:
Building greater intimacy and trust.

   Just consider how many women you meet you are
carrying residual trust issues from past relationships
with men. Surely, there are men who are complete
fails in the building trust department.

   But did you know that increasing the level of trust
and sexual commerce in your relationships can genuinely make you a better person, transform your dating
life and present you an amazing sex life? If this has you
itching to know more, let's get right into the four
secrets of building trust and intimacy...

#1 Clarifying Expectations

   Think back on most of your relationships where trust
was violated, I can bet you that several violations were a
result of ambiguous expectations. When you first enter a
love relationship with anyone (especially a woman), it's
imperative that you make your expectations straightforward.

#2 Accepting Limitations

   It's not adequate to clarify your expectations to
your woman, you also have to be honest with both
yourself and her about where your limitations are.
If your woman is "high maintenance" and you devote
to meeting her expectations today, you may come across later
on that your "mouth has written a check that your
ass can't cash. "

#3 The Law of Reciprocity

   The law of reciprocity is not some
unknown new age spiritual law. It is a rock solid fact
what you anticipate to receive in life must be
balanced by an equal amount of getting. Do you want
your woman to trust you? Then you must be willing to
trust her.

#4 Consistency

   Were you aware that you can’t
trust a person who constantly lies more than
someone who sometimes lies and sometimes tells the
truth? Think about it, when a person is consistent
it's easy for you to set prospects upon which
you can set boundaries in the relationship.

   But a person who is unpredictable is impossible
to build trust with. What is the very important way to apply consistency? Two things:

- Know what's particularly important to you
- Back up your words with actions

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