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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bernard Custodio-Rueda, father of Bern Bryan Ortiz-Rueda

Since my mother and my father are separated, I don't know where I see my dad because I went to my mother until she was gone. I was young when that happens, maybe I was three years old. We previously lived in Baliuag, Bulacan.

My father, Bernard Rueda, came with another woman whose name I just remember was Marissa. I was so young that's why I don't quite understand what was happening.

And now, I thought I still find my father despite of what he made us. And the time had come, I happen to find him on the internet but it's not easy for me especially because I don't know if he has any accounts or profiles on the internet.

And since the SK and Barangay elections are close, I thought to find him in COMELEC Official website. I've very happy when I saw his profile.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good Luck with My Final Exam

Today is the day of final exam, I did not review the lessons because I want to know if I have learned over a semester, I had not stayed to simply memorize the lessons and get high marks.

Many young people today, refreshing review before the day of the exam to be there to answer the test paper. But all that knowledge that they reviewed is transitory and they did not learned during the instructor teaches it.

Actually, the brains of a person is not really measurable even say that you've got high marks in class card. Because that is not the basis if you have learned.

However, I was still nervous what happens to my exam. I admit to myself that I'm not listening in class, so I have no certainty of the outcomes and consequences.

So just good luck to me, as well as to some others who will take the Final Exam.