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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monopic - Upload Photo for FREE

Nowadays, Facebook is the very well known social networking site. And prior to it has many users, there is a possibility that all those members are uploading their pictures. The problem is there are some cases that you are not able to upload your pictures directly through Facebook because of that a large number of users are working on this. One good thing I’m pointing about is there is an alternative site that allows you to easily upload, link, and share your images on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other websites. Monopic free image hosting service is what I’m trying to say, an image hosting and sharing service that lets you to create galleries.

Mononopic is a free photo upload center. You can upload your personal images here and share it with your friends. With Monopic free image hosting service, you can upload multiple pictures at one time, you can create public and private galleries, you can post comments on the images, you can add any image to your favourites, and you can link your photos in websites, email, and blogs. Also you can add tags to each of your photos.