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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Good news or Bad news?

I was stunned yesterday, when I went to school to get my class cards, then ugghhh... I got a 2.75 grade and that was for my Business Correspondence and Technical Writing subject. It's okay, I know I'm not so good in making business letters.

But then, I was surprised when I got a 1 as in flat one grade. I got it in my Oral Communication with Accent Neutralization subject.

So happy, slightly sad. But the important thing I've discovered is I had a better grade despite of being lazy doing activities in school. (-.-)Zzz

After getting my class cards, my classmates told me that today is the enrollment for our summer class. It costs about Php 900.00 if I pay it cash. But if I choose installment, it will reach Php 1,200.00. So, I have only one choice, pay it installment since I have no enough money yet and I'm still paying for my credits.

Think... think... think... and think. I'm always thinking about lots of issues. (-_-*)

Hopefully I can manage it.