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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I hate negatives...

I really hate feeling so negative and probably you too...
.....but I can't escape it.

I heard from a friend that he tries to balance his life with positive
and negative. Yeah, I know every thing needs to be balanced in order
to perform well. Too much more and too much less can be harmful. Each
thing in this world has opposites that makes it to be balanced.

Today, I don't know what I really feel. I don't know if I had done
something wrong that cause me to feel disconcerted. I know in myself
that I'm giving my best in every task I do and I'm doing things so
great. But why, why I'm being so fluster. My mind keeps telling me
that I'm at a loss.

Thinking back again with my deeds, some worth... some are waste. It is
natural in a person to be mistaken, right? So maybe I don't need to be
consious with that matter.

For now, I'll just make myself not so stressed. Keep calm...
relaxed... and refreshed...!!!
Each thing started has an end. Each ends have the beginning as usual.
Continous... but different from the previews.

Think positive whatever it is... keep going... keep moving...
I'll never ever stop doing things and making things... worth!

"Make your negatives as your medium to make things positive!"