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Monday, August 29, 2011

Keep Thinking Positive!

Thinking positively for some time seems so hard to do especially if you are vulnerable to those negatives around you. You can be affected of things because you are absolutely connected to them. However, there are only two things to consider when making or doing things in your life, you can or you cannot. As you can see, the only difference between these two words is just three letters. Those three letters will determine your life’s direction. How? If you can, you have the power to modify what happens to you. All things can be done easily without thinking of the possible bad things. You are preferred to see failures and mistakes. You are aware of the positive outcomes for what you are doing. You always remember that after this day, there’s another more tomorrow. If you cannot, you are weak. You just consider things going to be wrong. You are blind of the good things waiting at the end of the line. You are like a bulb inside a dark room with no light to see things around. You are useless, no ability to start a simple things in life. Think back again to the three-letter-difference, in reality it is just too small. If you chose you cannot, you are referring to that small thing which you are not able to do. So when you say, "I can't" and expect the worst, you become weak and unhappy and when you say "I can", and expect success, you fill yourself with confidence and happiness.
Mind is powerful, as it dictates our body to function. What the mind thinks is what our body will do. If you think life is easy, you may have a great day to enjoy with. You can start every task with smile as your soul and heart desires it. Mind controls our moods and feelings, if we think to be happy even there’s no reason to be happy, we can do it. Because mind will send us a message telling what things are fun.
While making this online, I asked my fellow blogger about positive thinking in life. His name is Kira, according to him, “I see things as it without any judgment. All are equal to me. That's because I don't like thinking too much on things where I couldn't have an advantage to. What I mean in that advantage is that, I can benefit as well they could benefit from me. Most of the time, I used to be helping without something return because life is about helping other people. How this brings a positive thinking? I always look at the potential of each person in the world as I believe everything and everyone is connected. The law of attraction which I always put in my mind is the only way I convince myself that there's always positive energy in every negative thought I have. Having this law alive in my thought, I then attract positive things around me. So it's really start with positive thinking and you can have it when you believe in the law of attraction”.

Birthdays - Facebook notifications

Before, people happy celebrating birthdays with lots of gifts to receive. But now, everyone most likely to see lots of notifications on their facebook saying "Happy Birthday!" from their friends and friends of friends.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Need to Get Out More!

Have you ever felt that you need to get out more? What if all people are casting you away? What should you do? What if someone would tell you that you have not made any sensible things? It is hard to think... to move... to speak... to be with them! Possibly you have lost!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

What do you think is 'Life After Death'?

Well, this is the real thing about life after death...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

433rd Founding Anniversary of Bulacan

CITY OF MALOLOS - BulakeƱos will once again gather to commemorate the 433rd founding anniversary of Bulacan come August 15, 2011 at 7:00 in the morning at the Bulacan Capitol Gymnasium, this city.

The Provincial Government will lead the commemoration of the foundation day with a holy mass followed by a program to celebrate the rich cultural and historical heritage of the province.

Gov. Wilhelmino M. Sy-Alvarado, Vice Gov. Daniel Fernando and the members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan will lead in the offering of flowers to Gen. Gregorio del Pilar’s monument, as well as the unveiling of activities for the weeklong celebration of Singkaban Fiesta.

Alvarado encourages all the BulakeƱos to participate and join in the colorful celebration of the coming festivity.

Senate President Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile is expected to grace the event as the guest of honor along with Dr. Ma. Serena I. Diokno, president of the National Historical Institute of the Philippines.

The said date was declared as a non-working holiday in Bulacan based on the New Provincial Administration Code of Bulacan, Chapter II, Section 14, Foundation Day and Section 27, The Provincial Legal Holidays.

According to the research conducted by the Center for Bulacan Studies, Bulacan was established as a province on Aug. 15, 1578

source: www.bulacan.gov.ph (Bulacan Provincial Public Affairs Office)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This is how 300 should have ended!

Before, we have watched in school the movie of 300. That's a really great and fantastic movie. But, do you think if you've watched it, the story had been already ended? Well find out here, watch it now!

Monday, August 8, 2011

I've got my Google Pagerank 1!

Oh yes! I have got my first Google Pagerank now. I don't know when it has been appeared as PR1 but when I just checked my site's PR today, I found it with a Google Pagerank 1!

I'm so happy for this, 11 months after this blog site Bern Rueda dot Info has been made, before it goes for a year on September 22, Google granted it with a rank on their list. Thanks Google!

And because of this, I am motivated again to make some new interesting, unique, inspirational, informative, and high-quality posts. I'll continue the opportunity to share different things to the world.

Bern Rueda dot Info - Google Pagerank 1

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Low Pressure Area... Namumuong sama ng loob!

Ang tao minsan parang weather, di mo kayang i-predict ang tunay niyang nararamdaman. May mga forecast na nakikita sa isang tao ngunit sa pagtakbo ng panahon ay maaari itong magbago depende sa ihip ng hangin.

LOW PRESSURE AREA o namumuong sama ng loob - kung naiinis ka na o napipikon, LPA 'yan. Para maging bagyo, kailangan mong magalit ng todo-todo kung saan magkakaroon na ng ng mga signal warnings tulad ng:

►Signal #1 → maaari ka pang makapagpigil o makapagtimpi; maaaring masama ka na tumingin at medyo seryoso na ang pagmumukha mo!

►Signal #2 → lalabas na sa bibig mo ang mga 'di kanais-nais na salita; tataas ng kaunti ang timbre ng boses mo!

►Signal #3 → may padabog-dabog ka na; umaakma kang mananakit ka na at handa na sa anumang mangyayaring 'di inaasahan!

►Signal #4 → buo na ang loob mo; wala kang pakialam sa kaaaway mo kung ano man ang kahihinatnan niya kahit pa nga may madamay pang iba basta't maibigay mo lang ang isang malupit na di niya makakalimutan!

►Signal #5 → handa kang maging isang kriminal; wala kang kinakatakutan at handa kang pumatay upang maipamalas mo ang iyong husay sa pagkitil ng buhay.

Ang takbo ng isip ng isang tao ay mahirap hulaan, kung kaya't bumabase tayo sa kanilang inaasal. Ngunit anumang nakikita ng ating mga mata ay may pagkakataong ito ay isang pagkukunwari lamang. Ang katotohanan ay mahirap makita sa taong nagtatago nito.

Sa pagkakataong nakasalamuha mo ang taong nakakaranas ng LPA, mainam na huminahon ka at mag-isip. 'Wag mo na siyang sabayan o kontrahin dahil siguradong mahahawa ka at matutulad sa kanya. "Self-control", sabi nga ng isang taong hindi ko na maalala ang pangalan. Dahil sa oras na ang iyong nararamdaman ay tumitindi, angiyong katunggali ay makakaipon ng lakas at handa ng mangwasak, hindi na ito basta-basta mapipigilan lalo na kung nag-landfall na siya sa iyo at taglay nito ang malalakas na hanging umiikot sa ulo niya. Ang mata ng bagyong ito ay nakatitig sa'yo at nanlilisik. At saa oras na lubayan ka niya at iwanan, siguradong napakalaking pinsala ang dulot nito sa'yo. Maaring iwanan ka niyang lugmok at luhaan. Kawalan ng pag-asa ang siyang una mong maiisip at mararamdaman. Kasunod nito ang pagtuklas ng iyong isipan sa poot, galit, at pagkasuklam na magdudulot pa sa iyo ng kapahamakan.