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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Words of Desire

After an end... there's a beginning!

Yeah I know, life is hard and not that so easy but in a man with the great desire, the battle is just a simple game. Let's play through the words of desire!

Then I shout...

I'm just a man... a guy... a boy dreaming of a simple life on Earth. And I really know that you can't simply enjoy it so I'm trying myself to do some extra tough activities to challenge the real me and to know what exactly my abilities. For some times, I like myself seeing to be weird where I am able to say to all people that I'm unique.

Words of Desire

What I really want?

Forcefully, I wanted everything but I only have something. That thing needs to be powerful and grateful for me and the thing that I'm talking about is what we called 'desire'. Desire is the only thing that I have and I'm going to use it in order to get all I wanted. If I got it all, then I'm complete... absolutely complete!