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Saturday, June 23, 2012

5 Most Important Benefits of Homeschooling to Parents

Parents who have done their research on homeschooling would probably have been enticed by the numerous benefits that homeschool offers to kids and teens. However, it's not only the kids who stand to reap benefits from homeschooling. Even the parents themselves will discover just how beneficial homeschooling can be to them.

Let us take a look at these homeschooling benefits to parents one by one as described in Homeschooling Generations website:

Less worries about the safety and well-being of the child and teen

Admittedly, there are so many bad things happening in the world. Because of this, it is only natural that parents worry constantly about their kids when they are in school. You certainly have no clue if your child is being scoped out by kidnappers, drug pushers and sexual predators. Even the school itself is not really a safe environment anymore, especially if you consider the campus shootings that have occurred in recent years. Let's not forget that perennial school terror, the bully. Bullying – both physical and cyber – has become highly publicized because of the number of kids and teens who have committed suicide as a result. Naturally, children who are homeschooled are less exposed to these unsavory elements because the parents can monitor and supervise who they interact with.

Conflicts between the public/private school system and the morals and ethics of the family

In recent years, families have been at odds with the public and private school systems for teaching subject that run contrary to their beliefs, religion or values. This is especially for Christians and other conservative religious groups who frown upon the liberalism being promoted by schools and the peers of their kids. By homeschooling their children, they are assured that their kids will learn the right values based on their religious, moral and ethical standards.

Flexibility in homeschooling schedule

Many parents harbor the wrong notion that homeschooling will require them to teach their child during the regular school times of 8 to 3. Unlike regular school, however, homeschool allows parents to be more flexible with their schedule. Most parents have found out that a typical homeschool day only lasts 3 to 4 hours thanks to the one-on-one discussion. The kids don't have to "compete" for the attention of the "teacher", such as in a typical classroom setting. If you are good at time management, you can be able to fit in other fun classes – like art or music – that your child will enjoy. You can also be able to squeeze in doing the household chores or even reserve some quality time for you and your spouse.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Philippines celebrates Independence Day!

The 114th Philippine Independence Day
Currently, the Philippines celebrates its 114th day of independence from the rule of Spanish since June 12, 1898 in Cavite. It is one of the significant holidays in the Philippines where most Filipino people join in different parades. Usually, the military parade in Manila is the most observed by the people including students, employees, and the commoners.

Pilippine Independence Day 2012