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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


 Why I'm uneasy with the things I do?

Each one of us requires the spur of insecurity to force us to do our best.

--Harold W. Dodds 
These words are certainly true. People with unique and exceptional ability in life are kindly impressive.
Yes, I am idolizing those people and assuming that I am one as well like them. There is no wrong with admiring someone, right?
But in some cases, admiration turns to insecurity which is not that good in some other way. When you envious of, it is the feeling of you are wanting a kind of thing from someone or, you are wanting to be like or more than someone.
In my case, I don't know if it is an advantage or disadvantage. Maybe depends on how do I'll take it off. But every time I feel insecurity, it is so uncomfortably irritating.. grrrrr..... >_<
Usually, insecurity is unwarranted and causes more stress than it prevents. However, I'll just keep on moving forward and try to overcome insecurity by my own will and look for my happiness.