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Friday, July 12, 2013

Where words fail... music speaks!

Music is my life!

"Where words fail, music speaks"
--Hans Christian Andersen

This quote by Hans Christian Andersen was so true. As a music lover, I understand that every performer and writer who fail to say their feelings and thoughts through words are preferably making sounds from their heart that tends to be known as 'music'.

By generating a song lyrically, the content of a simple story was shared and felt by the audiences listening. And by the time that singers perform their creation, it is wonderfully a nice piece of art. Not just by singers but also the musicians behind.

Guitar as my instrument...

I always prefer to use a guitar as my finest instrument even though I am not that so professionally good to play it. Having an acoustic guitar in our house is simply an unparalleled happiness.

Where words fail... music speaks!

With regards to music, I just choose with the best sounds and lyrics is another key. Those two are my major choices and the best options to think of. Sometimes there would be a soft rock, hard rock, metal, slow, acoustic, alternative or even reggae type are good to hear. Whatever it takes, it's music!